Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Wise Beyond Your Years"

"Wise Beyond Your Years" 30"X40" Acrylic on panel. September 2008.
This is from a black and white snapshot of my late stepfather, Meryl. He is the small child in front. I love the composition and the dappled light and the exciting movement of the figures. The title refers to the totally insane apparatus in the background. I believe it is a slide outfitted to accommodate snow sleds, though I could be wrong about that. What is apparent is that they slide down from the trees, over a cliff, probably into a swimming hole in a river or lake. In today's climate of safety and liability, it is hard to imagine anyone could get away with having a slide like this for long!


Sandy B. said...


I really love your work and I appreciate your commentary and thoughts about the pieces, too.

Keep it up :)

Unknown said...

Really, these portraits and scenes and their titles make me feel as if they were Jazz Standards in music

Paul Mansfield