Sunday, November 2, 2008

"My Careful Shapes"

"My Careful Shapes" 20"X28" Acrylic on panel. August 2008.
My partner, Jim had an uncle, John Reese, who was a skilled amateur photographer. This is based on a black and white photograph taken by him. It depicts his wife Tillie and their son Jack.


Unknown said...

I really like the texture and lighting (tones) on this one. The image really transports you back to the time in which the snapshot was taken.


Unknown said...

I love this one. Period.

Joe said...

I am a watercolorist and I have 2 blogs, one on art and reflection and miscellaneous ideas. The second one shows old cars from a bunch of scrapbooks that I found in the basement of an old house. Since you show an interest in old cars you might like my "Old Car Scrapbook.blogspot.com" I hope some time to catalog the huge number of makes and models of cars that are depicted in the scrapbooks.

Leslie Peterson Sapp said...

Hi, Joe, it is interesting, because I like old cars because of their design, but I am not a "car person". I would have never dreamed that I would be spending so much time drawing cars and trying to understand their form. We Americans have a real love affair with our cars, so my interest in painting from old snapshots means I spend a lot of time drawing cars!

Joe said...

I have 22 scrapbooks with hundreds of clippings in each one The pictures that I have posted so far are all from one scrapbook and I counted over 258 shots in my first run through. Multiply that by 22 and you can just imagine how many I might have.