Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Love Stinks


2016 Leslie Peterson Sapp Fatale 30x36
Okay, I don’t really mean that.

During this time of celebrating love and romance, I remember that quote a friend of mine said many years ago: “Romance is about NOT being fulfilled, it’s about longing.”

So let us distinguish between the two: Love. Romance.

Love is wholesome and sees its object as a full person, whether that person is your date, your spouse, your child, friend, parent.

Romance is about the tension that is held between you and an object of your desire. That can include love- or not.

2021 Leslie Peterson Sapp Glass Houses
We all hope that our romantic relationships will be loving ones. We all hope that we will be held in an embrace of mutual respect, understanding and compassion. Nevertheless, it is so very much fun to witness the destructive, obsessive, doomed romances flickering on the silver screen in a good film noir.

So this Valentines Day, let us raise a glass to the darker sides of our nature.


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