Saturday, September 19, 2020

He Wears That Suit

They say clothes make the man...

2019 Leslie Peterson Sapp He Wears That Suit 24x16
I had a lot of fun with this one, simplifying the shapes and colors. The complex interweaving of his fingers are expressed with a single piece of cut out paper. One side of his face is completely in shadow and bleeds into the burgundy of the wall behind. Much of the burgundy color is the raw wood panel, stained with a thing layer of paint- you can see the wood grain. To the left of his head streaks of watercolor on gray paper is collaged on. The tie is scrapbooking paper.

I have started a wood cut version of this piece.

 I got terrifically ambitious and just started carving happily away, not understanding how difficult the printing process would be when I got to it! Attempting to line up four separate color block is a real challenge. I feel a little bit like a cat that got stuck in a tree! However. I have not given up on this one. When I achieve more mastery at printing, I will try again. 

2020 Leslie Peterson Sapp WIP!


Stay tuned!