Friday, July 28, 2017

The Making of "Collared" - the Final Piece

As I described in my last post, my technique for developing my collage paintings involves multiple steps. It starts with a drawing, then moves onto a small collage sketch on illustration board, then onto the large final piece on wood panel.

In my last post I shared with you as I made the drawing and then went onto the collage sketch. In this post I made three short videos about the making of the large, final version of "Collared".

Please excuse the film and sound quality of these videos - I'm still learning how to produce them! Here is a picture of the piece at the stage it was in when I made this video.

Who is Leland Bell? A great American artist who started out as an abstract painter and moved onto figurative, narrative painting. (Not to be confused with the other Leland Bell, a Native American painter who shares the same name.)
Leland Bell, "Three Figures with Butterfly" 1979-82
After working on it for a few hours, I followed up with a review of my decisions. 

This is the final video where show ways I have resolved certain issues, and new decisions I have to make. 

And here it is! The final piece is done. Email me for purchasing information.
Leslie Peterson Sapp, "Collared" 16"x20" $950.00