Friday, September 16, 2011

Day four of the Leedy Grange mural... completion!

Ah! After four days of my mural marathon, I have completed the image. I will go back to touch up, and take care of loose ends, but for the most part I think I am done! Working with house paint is very different than working with artist paint. It has a totally different consistency, at once thinner, and yet more gooey.

It was also a very different experience to do art in a public space, with a public purpose. Sometimes people would actually honk and yell encouragement from their cars!

 It was also really great to have locals come by and talk about the neighborhood and how much it has changed over the years. One woman came by and said she was born in a house right across the street where the Walgreen's is now. Al from Al's Barbershop came over to say hello. I used to play outside his shop when I was a little girl, and my friend Melissa's dad used to get his haircut. My mom and dad were founding members of Cedar Mill Community Library, which was also originally housed on that block in about 1973. So it felt good to contribute to that community I grew up in and spent so much time right there in that area, and to feel a part of it again.