Sunday, November 15, 2015


 Over the past two years (or is it three?) I have moved twice, helped build our current home and gotten married. Once I settled down into my new life I had to examine my life and my art through new eyes. I have been experimenting with new ways of doing my art, going back to basics by taking art classes, and trying to reinvigorate my craft. Now I feel I am ready to commence upon a new chapter in my art.

One of the major changes that have occurred is that got married, and made the decision to adopt my husband's name of Sapp. So I have made the move to add that name to my artist identity, making it Leslie Peterson Sapp. 

I have taken a huge leap of faith, and it feels as though I am finally coming in for a landing!

In many ways, the place I have landed is very much like were I was before. I am still doing images filled with people from the past. But I have expanded, become more adventurous and expressive. My subject matter and source material has widened. If you would like to read more about my current thoughts about my work, read the column just to your right under "About My Painting" and "My Technique".

Meanwhile, here are a few of my newest pieces.
" Big Brass Bed" 18"x24" Collage, charcoal on panel.
"Big Brass Bed" is almost completely collage. It is based on a film still from "The Killers"
"Big 500 10" 7"x8" Collage, charcoal, acrylic on panel.
This is a small piece I made for The Big 500 show on December 12th at The People's Art of Portland. I collaged old newspaper down and painted on top. It is based on a screenshot I took of "The Killers".
"Blue Dahlia" 24"x18" Collage, acrylic, charcoal on panel.
"Blue Dahlia" is a somewhat humorous portrait of my husband and I, based on a movie poster from the classic film. 
"Boy on a Settee" 40"x48" Acrylic, collage, charcoal on panel
This image is based on a snapshot. I did a very small version of this a few years ago. I always felt I didn't quite express what attracted me to the photograph. This time I took many liberties with it, and distorted the space to create more feeling and movement.  
"Boxer" 30"x40" Acrylic, collage, charcoal, pastel on panel.
This is based on a screenshot I took of the movie "The Killers". I feel it depicts in dramatic fashion the special sort of pressure men are subjected to.