Sunday, February 19, 2017

My New Series Based on The Odyssey

Penelope, The Matchless Queen of Cunning.

For those of you who have been following my work for a while know that my art has gone through a lot of changes lately. I have developed a new style and a new technique. I've integrated collage and expanded my expression and repertoire of subject matter. I produced, among other things, an entire show based solely on classic film noir.
Now I have found my art has evolved again. Inspired by an invitation from my friend Myra Clark to participate in a show at Gallery 114, I decided to take a big leap and produce a show based on Homer's The Odyssey.
Three original sketches of Mentor and Telemachus.
As always, as I progress in this series I will be posting my work in progress, including sketches and mock-ups. These are some images tracking the progress of a scene where Telemachus, Odysseus' son, prays to Athena. She appears to him in the form of Mentor. Although he appears to be a normal being, Telemachus swiftly realizes he is not who he seems, but that it is Athena speaking to him and guiding him.

Larger, more complete drawing of Mentor and Telemachus.

Tiny collage sketch of Mentor and Telemachus.

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